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    Graduating with a B.A from the film & video program at Georgia State University, and studying cinema abroad at Temple University Japan, has helped shape Imoto’s life-long passion of creating meaningful content for this Universe.

Imoto has worked over the past decade in the medium of video and photography. Immersing herself in the ever-changing world of digital acquisition, she's mastered the art of capturing the moment. 

    Imoto started out as a cinematographer and editor, but over the years she has worked in several other crew positions including line producing and directing roles. These combined experiences allow her to be an ambitious yet levelheaded producer and creator. She likes to help create stories that are thought provoking and boundary pushing.  

    Imoto is the CEO and owner of multimedia production company, Captain Crazy Productions, Inc. An avid gamer and adventurer, you can usually find Imoto traveling across the country promoting video arcade culture or on a hiking adventure with her dog Mookie.


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Email:                                Phone:  404-510-0813

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